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"Age is simply the number of year the world has enjoyed you!"

"I feel that my family is their family. They are so kind to me and they get me the help I need as quick as possible! All your staff is amazing. Thank you!!!"   "I am impressed by how concerned and helpful they are with me and all my needs."
"My aide does everything I need. I don't know how I would get along without her!"
  "They give me information to help me about where to go and what to do about problems that I don't know how to handle. God bless you!"
"You all really care what happens to me and I love that very much. May God bless you all."
  "I just want you to know that I really appreciate your agency. Everytime I go to the hospital you always call me and you always welcome me home. You have always taken good care of me as though I were a part of your family."
"The communications are good. The aides show responsibility and work independently."
  "I am VERY satisfied with Gabriel Homecare! The Home Health Aides are so kind!"
"This client is doing excellent! Gabriel is doing a great job. The Client looks great and so does her home!" (Case Manager)
  "I would recommend Gabriel to my friends and relatives."
"I am always informed about my HHA and my services."
  "They always make sure that I am pleased."
"Staff is willing to do anything for me and my home."
  "The aides respect me and my home."
"My Home Health Aide is always ready and willing to help in every way! She is a jewel!"
  "I am impressed with Gabriel Homecare! The home aides give such good service!"


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