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Gabriel Staffing Associates was launched in 1997 and was named after "Gabriel, the Archangel".

By faith, this company was established and it is by Gods grace that it stands. Our mission is to change lives one soul at a time by reaching out to people with the love and word of God through our various divisions.

We are a very diversified agency and offer several valuable services throughout the State of Ohio.


Gabriel Associates takes a more "realistic" approach to serving not only the needs of Nursing Providers, but the quality of Nursing Professionals we hire. We are very selective in our hiring process and strive to obtain the "best of the best".

At Gabriel Staffing you will never be "just":

  • another client

  • another applicant

  • a name on our phone list

  • a shift to be filled

Realistically", at Gabriel Staffing, you will find:

  • family and friends who will share your concerns

  • family and friends who will recognize you for the individual you are

  • family and friends who will provide you with support

  • family and friends who will support you in being the best you can possibly be!

With Gabriel, you will never be lost in the "Corporate Shuffle". We are family owned and operated and it shows!

We are advocates for the residents and clients we serve and have established policies that reinforce their rights through the services we provide.


The Northern Star Project

When our doors first opened in 1997, we wanted to have a "purpose" other than just "running a business". We wanted a purpose that embraced and assisted in fulfilling the needs of others. For 25 years we continue to maintain our efforts in helping those in need. In streamlining our efforts for this cause, in March 2021, the name of our endeavors was officially named "The Northern Star Project".


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