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Inter-Office Job Openings
Director of Human Resources Job Opening

We are only seeking stable, mature, dependable,
professional applicants with previous experience. We need a Director of Human Resources who can successfully
determine and select "the best of the best" in the healthcare industry..

Division: Gabriel Staffing Associates

Location: 7215 Taylorsville Rd, Huber Heights OH
% of Travel Required: 10% Job Type: Full-Time

Education: Previous experience in Human Resources, Business, Organization Development. Specialized training in employment law, compensation, organizational planning, organization development, employee relations, safety, training, and and preventive labor relations, preferred. Active affiliation with appropriate Human Resources networks and organizations and ongoing community involvement, preferred.

  • Broad knowledge and experience in employment law, compensation, organizational planning, organization development, employee relations, safety, and training and development
  • Above average oral and written communication skills
  • Excellent interpersonal and coaching skills
  • Demonstrated ability to lead and develop Human Resources staff members
  • Demonstrated ability to serve as a successful participant on the executive management team that provides company leadership and direction
  • Demonstrated ability to interact effectively with the company Management and Staff
  • General knowledge of various employment laws and practices; Evidence of the practice of a high level of confidentiality
  • Excellent organizational skills

Job Description: (The information below is not in its entirety but a brief summary of duties) The Human Resources Director guides and manages the overall provision of Human Resources services, policies, and programs for the entire company. The major areas directed are:

  • recruiting and staffing;
  • organizing functions and space planning;
  • performance management and improvement systems;
  • organization development;
  • employment and compliance to regulatory concerns;
  • employee orientation, development, and training;
  • policy development and documentation;
  • employee relations;
  • company-wide committee facilitation;
  • company employee and community communication;
  • compensation and benefits administration;
  • employee safety, welfare, wellness and health;
  • employee services and counseling.

The Human Resources Director coordinates implementation of services, policies, and programs through Human Resources staff; reports to the CEO and serves on the executive management team; and assists and advises company managers about Human Resources issues.

Primary Objectives:

  • Safety of the workforce.
  • Maintain confidentiality of all sensitive material and information.
  • Development of a superior workforce.
  • Development of the Human Resources department.
  • Development of an employee-oriented company culture that emphasizes quality, continuous improvement, and high performance.
  • Personal ongoing development.

Summary: A confident individual with the experience as noted above who has the ability to maintain professionalism, precise documentation, follow directions and be a team player would be extremely successful in this position. Must have an excellent attendance record with the ability to work flexible hours if needed.

Interested candidates please sumbit your resume by mail to along with salary requirements to :

Gabriel Staffing Associates
ATTN: K. Arquilla
7215 Taylorsville Road
Huber Heights, OH 45424


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